Sunday, 10 March 2013

So I have once again completely neglected my blog! Although I have been very busy creating I have not posted anything. Sorry. That will change starting now. First off, let me tell you a bit about what I have been doing. When I first "found" art it was in the area of painting and drawing. Since then I have dawdled in most forms of art in one way or another. I found papercrafting eventually and have been stuck on that for years.
Well, my newest found love is "Mixed Media". I have always done weird and wonderful canvas', projects and doodles and I love that now I am combining everything! Below is a few pictures from my art journal which I started just before Christmas. I like my art journal as it is just for me. I can create whatever I am in the mood for and if I don't want to show anyone, then I don't. I also like the fact that some pages have very deep meaning(which I know) but others may not. Also, although you can't see it, some of the pages have journalling underneath them. Cleverly hidden with paint or other mediums. My thoughts, my feelings, things that I wanted to write down, but I also wanted kept private. I know they are there although you may not. 
So without further ado..............some pics.

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