My Scrap Space

this shelf holds all my cardstock, my cardstock scraps, ribbon scrap jars(love these), kits that I need to use and some odds and ends!

desk #1 (used to for cutting and laying things out)
my paper storage. My pattern paper is organized by colour, occasions, seasons/holidays, multi, polka dots, strips, floral etc. etc. all in these drawers. I also have a few drawers with "sets" of paper in them.
Desk #2

desk #2, my embellishment/colouring/cricut/cuttlebug station!!
my copics(I have added more since the photo), watercolour pencils and misc markers are all stored in this display stand which I picked up at an art store for $4!!
embellishments, sorted by colour
this holds, buttons, flowers, and my sew easy floss and tools.
my metal tins hold brads and eyelets sorted by colour and/or occasion etc.
my blue tin!

this is my cardstock scrap bin!! Love it.

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